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Sheri Yamada (She/Her)

When I was nine years old, I asked my grandma to share some of her wisdom.  She drew a picture of tall bamboo trees and told me that bamboo have a strong foundation of roots, grow tall and strong, and reach up to the sky as if there were no limit.  Throughout the years, I tried to create this strong foundation but my path forward was not a straight line reaching up to the sky.  Instead, my personal journey seemed to take many twists and turns.

My Background:

I received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology at the University of Puget Sound, with the hope of having a role in helping to heal the physical body.  However, living in the Seattle area with such diverse communities and the strong influence of high-tech companies, I ended up working many years in the high-tech sector.  I slowly began to learn that when we do not attend to our emotional needs or live consistently with our personal values, it can negatively impact other parts of our lives.  This led me to my next journey of obtaining a Master of Science in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Grand Canyon University.

Due to my extensive background in the high-tech sector, I understand the struggles of finding work-life balance, dealing with anxiety from stressful workplace demands and how working in the technology field does not always nurture our emotional needs.  I am also third generation Japanese American, so while I grew up in a very "Americanized" household, Japanese cultural beliefs and traditions were still a part of my life and continue to this day.  My own personal emotional journey was not always easy for me, but with caring, patient and compassionate therapists, I now consider them as valuable mentors, who continue to influence my professional and personal life.



Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider Associate

Certified Anxiety-Informed Professional

Professional Affiliations:

When Working Together:

As a counselor, my goals are to create a collaborative partnership and safe space to help each client explore their emotions, lean into growth, heal emotional wounds and create a life that brings balance and peace.  My therapeutic orientation is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, to assist clients with obtaining coping skills, resiliency and challenging negative thinking patterns.  I also have training and experience with Internal Family Systems Therapy for those wanting to get in touch with parts of themselves that may need a little extra support, validation and healing.

When I am not Working:

I enjoy spending time with my dog, having coffee and conversations with friends, listening to music, experiencing the warm rays of sunshine, being creative and lots of laughter.  Preferred pronouns she/her.